The 7 Types of Rest You Didn’t Know About

How to Tell If You Need More Rest

  • You struggle with focus and getting your work done.
  • Your sleep schedule is all over the place. You have a hard time falling or staying asleep.
  • Your mind is constantly turning cartwheels, to the point where you get distracted during the day or can’t fall asleep at night.
  • You aren’t eating regularly. Maybe you snack out of boredom or forget meals altogether.
  • You feel sick, achey, or just downright exhausted.

The 7 Types of Rest

1. Physical Rest

2. Mental Rest

3. Creative Rest

4. Spiritual Rest

5. Emotional Rest

6. Social Rest

7. Sensory Rest

Cut Yourself Some Slack



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Livia Boerger

Livia Boerger

Livia is a Mental Wellbeing Coach and helps entrepreneurs live with intention & prioritize their wellbeing. Get my free guide to resting: