7 Steps to a Total Digital Declutter

What Is a Digital Declutter?

7 Steps to a Digital Declutter

STEP 1: Take stock of your digital environment.

STEP 2: Back up the important stuff.

STEP 3: Clean up your files.

STEP 4: Delete unused and distracting apps.

  1. “Does using this app benefit my life or business?”
  2. “Do I need this app on hand 24/7?”

STEP 5: Tackle your inbox(es).

STEP 6: Create a calming digital environment.

STEP 7: Set boundaries with your devices.

Ready to break up with your phone and live in the moment?



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Livia Boerger

Livia Boerger

Livia is a Mental Wellbeing Coach and helps entrepreneurs live with intention & prioritize their wellbeing. Get my free guide to resting: https://bit.ly/3FAU6il