7 Common Wellness Myths & Trends — Debunked!

What Is Wellness?

  • Getting proper rest, and that doesn’t just mean sleep. There are seven types of rest, and you need a balance of all of them.
  • Eating a balanced diet, whatever that looks like to you. There’s no cut-and-dry system for eating healthy. Instead, experiment to find a diet that fits your body’s needs.
  • Exercising regularly in ways that feel good. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment! It should be part of your routine that you genuinely look forward to. Exercise is a way to unwind your mind and nurture your body.
  • Practicing digital wellness, meaning using my devices less and with intention. Your phone can have a negative effect on your mental health, sleep patterns, and body image. Try to find more balance!
  • Making time for self care. This is the cornerstone of my wellness routine. Regular self care can improve your health, make you happier, and even help you love your work more.

The Rise of the Wellness Industry

7 Common Wellness Myths Debunked

MYTH: You need a daily workout routine.

MYTH: Carbs are bad for you.

MYTH: The more steps in your skincare routine, the better.

MYTH: Skinny = healthy.

MYTH: Juice cleanses help rid your body of toxins.

MYTH: The vegan diet is the healthiest one.

MYTH: You need to get off birth control.

Create a wellness routine you actually enjoy…



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Livia Boerger

Livia Boerger

Livia is a Mental Wellbeing Coach and helps entrepreneurs live with intention & prioritize their wellbeing. Get my free guide to resting: https://bit.ly/3FAU6il