5 Things to Add to Your Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep

How to Know If You Need a Better Nighttime Routine

  • You struggle to fall or stay asleep at night. At the end of a good nighttime routine, you should be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for most of the night. If you can’t, work on your routine!
  • You find yourself worrying about work at bedtime. A proper nighttime routine should help you brain ‘clock out’ from work. If you can’t keep work out of the bedroom, it’s probably your nighttime routine.
  • You go to bed at different times every night. It’s okay to pull a late night out with friends every once in a while. But if you don’t have a proper bedtime ever, that’s not good.
  • You have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. If you’re a serial snoozer, that’s a sign you’re not getting high-quality sleep.
  • You feel tired no matter how much you sleep. This is a sign that it’s not the duration of your sleep that’s the problem, but the quality. A better nighttime routine can help you get more deep, restful sleep.

Causes of Poor Sleep Hygiene

  • An irregular bedtime or sleep schedule
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Drinking caffeine or alcohol too close to bedtime
  • Spending too much time in bed during the day
  • Screen use and mental stimulation before bed

My Nighttime Routine Checklist

  1. Something to prepare you for the next day. This might include packing your lunch for the next day, picking your outfit, or writing a to-do list.
  2. Something to relax your body. This might mean stretching, giving yourself a foot massage, or doing your skincare routine.
  3. Something to relax your brain. This might look like meditation, reading a cheesy romance novel, or journaling.

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep & Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

1. Try a meditative skincare routine.

2. Take a gut health supplement.

3. Stretch and soothe your muscles.

4. Engage in some self pleasure.

5. Have a warm drink.

Still feeling tired? You might be missing out on other types of rest.



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Livia Boerger

Livia Boerger

Livia is a Mental Wellbeing Coach and helps entrepreneurs live with intention & prioritize their wellbeing. Get my free guide to resting: https://bit.ly/3FAU6il